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Arebehavioural economics the key to driving more effective customercommunications? Barclaysand The Behavioural Architects have pioneered a programme within BarclaysPremier that has been so successful with its customers they are now rolling itout more widely across the business.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Behavioural Economics can be applied:
    • in the design, implementation and analysis ofresearch
    • to optimise communications for a real impact onresponse
    • to upskill and empower staff to apply behavioural economicstools and techniques in their everyday roles
  • A worked example of turning customer insights intoa toolkit that allows the research to live on across the business.


Barclaysand The Behavioural Architects (TBA) have pioneered a programme to apply behaviouraleconomics to the development of customer communications within Barclays Premier.Using rigorous analysis of customer behaviour – grounded in behavioural scienceand in-context customer research – TBA has created a simple but effective wayof structuring and developing communications.

Implementedthrough workshops, training and toolkits, this approach has helped to bringabout a cultural shift in how customer communications are devised withinBarclays Premier. It has seen a real increase in desired outcomes from keycommunications to customers, and senior stakeholders have been so convinced ofthe benefits of behavioural insights that the programme is now being rolled outacross the wider Barclays business, driving real commercial impact.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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