What happened when Nuffield Health’s research teamdiscovered a great piece of insight to improve its customers’ experience - butencountered internal resistance to change?

What you’ll learn:

  • How Nuffield researched its customer’s journey in-house
  • What happens after a key piece of insight has been uncovered
  • Tips for fighting for change – how to get key stakeholders on board whenthe change doesn’t fit with their agenda or priorities. This should beinteresting for both those working agency-side and client-side, as it will giveideas on how to ensure their insights are used within the business.
  • Ideas for how to raise the profile of an in-house Insights team.


In January and February 2016(the two busiest months for joining a gym), Nuffield Health’s Insights team undertooka large research project with potential members to understand the highlightsand pain points in a typical enquiry journey. The research uncovered asignificant issue: because of changes to the enquiry process – designed to givecustomers more flexibility and control over their journey – many potentialmembers were not being offered tours when they arrived at the gym as staff wereoften unavailable.

But, as the research also showed,having a tour is a fundamental part of the enquiry process and resulted in farhigher joining rates – so the Insights team assumed it would be easy to changethe enquiry process in order to improve the customer experience and growNuffield’s membership.

Implementing change, however, turned out to be a significant challenge that involved taking thefindings to the highest level. Rachael O’Leary and Charlotte Klahn fromNuffield Health will demonstrate the importance of fighting to ensure thatstrong insights produce real change within a business – indeed, having wontheir internal battle, conversion rates have increased by 61% in just fourweeks, bringing in 300 new members to Nuffield Health.


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