Future Thinking, in partnership with Sensum, has been evaluating and developing new techniques that embrace behavioural economics, including a biometric technique focused on physiological response which measures Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).

It is estimated that as much as 95% of our decisions use our subconscious System 1 brain processes. Which is why everybody’s talking about behavioural economics as it correlates so strongly to our everyday behaviour, from deciding which route to drive to your weekly supermarket shop.

GSR measures skin conductance through emotional arousal. It’s used as a behavioural overlay to traditional research methodologies and bridges the gap between consumers’ perceived and actual behaviour. Ultimately it helps to understand whether what people say is consistent with how they really feel.

What you’ll learn

  • More about the Galvanic Skin Response
  • The role GSR plays in understanding consumer behaviour through case studies
  • How Sensum capture the true nature of behaviour through a live demo

The approach can be used across a range of areas including; advertising and marcomms effectiveness, customer experience, shopper behaviour and product/pack, or concept testing. Attend this event to discover more about the latest techniques that delve deep into the human psyche.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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