Overview: Wendy Gordon, a pioneer of qualitative research for the past five decades, shares insights and wisdom from her latest book, Mindframes. In this face-to-face interview she revisits fundamental tenets about marketing and examines their relevance in today’s environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • How people really think about brands and communications: why they behave as they do and say what they say
  • Human being-centric principles that should be embedded into everything marketing professionals do, such as the unconscious and the importance of language and context
  • How thinking through different lenses can lead to new insights and perspectives
  • Inspiration on how to enrich your understanding of human beings, and their ability to offer sound commercial advice to stakeholders and clients


Wendy Gordon is a leading light of qualitative research, with a career spanning five decades. In this Speaker Evening, she is interviewed by her Acacia Avenue co-founder, Martin Lee, on her latest book, Mindframes: a practical look into models of thinking, and the various lenses through which we can view consumer behaviour problems.

Wendy puts forward principles that are human being-centric rather than research method-centric; principles that should be embedded into everything marketing professionals do, but that have got lost in so much research today. These cover areas such as the unconscious, the importance of language and context, and why the understanding of liking is so fundamental in our worlds.

In what promises to be an entertaining evening, Wendy draws on personal anecdotes to bring her ideas to life and revisits fundamental tenets about the marketing of goods and services, showing the latest thinking on each topic and its relevance in today’s environment.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

With five decades of research experience behind her, having started her career alongside Bill Schlackman, she went on to be a pioneer of the industry. Her most recent role was co-founder of strategic research consultancy Acacia Avenue.

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