Build your knowledge of machine learning: the science of teaching computers to act

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

This course provides a technical introduction to machine learning – the science of training computers to act without explicit programming. Machine learning (ML) is becoming increasingly important in business, from managing daily operations to developing and executing commercial strategies. The majority of recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) can be directly attributed to improvements in ML – some also believe it will be the key to unlocking human-level AI.

On a more practical note, companies are already transforming existing business practices using ML through the creation of recommendation engines, chatbots triaging customer queries, automated insight generation and end-to-end automation of data mining and modelling.

This course is a comprehensive overview of ML, looking at the main opportunities and risks of deploying ML models, the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning, and the importance of rigorous cross-validation protocols. It also includes a quick introduction to Python programming so that you can implement key ML algorithms after the training session.

Learning outcomes
  • The relationship between machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • An understanding of the types of business problems ML can tackle
  • A theoretical and practical understanding of popular ML techniques, including Neural Networks, Deep Learning and XGBoost
  • An awareness of the history of ML and key contemporary developments
  • How to decide which ML models are most suitable for particular analytical challenges
Who will benefit

 More technically-minded analysts and market research practitioners who want to better understand the increasingly important field of machine learning and its role in business. Beginners are welcome as this is an introductory course to machine learning.

Dr Aji Ghose has over a decade of experience in AI, machine learning, and market research and is a seasoned expert passionate about transforming the industry. Aji serves as the Vice President of Data & Research at Chattermill, an AI-powered platform to help companies understand and improve customer experience, where he leads Data Science, MLOps, and MLEng. Previously, he was the Head of Research & Analytics at Sky, managing a large group of data scientists, researchers, and analysts. Aji earned his PhD in Computational Cognitive Science, specialising in deep learning, from Birkbeck, University of London. He holds an MSc in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence from the University of York. Aji also serves as a chair and lecturer for Data Science, Statistics, and AI courses at the Market Research Society.

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