How to create a collective and individual culture that is ready to identify and transmit actionable insights.


Everyone wants a piece of the insight action.

It is now the most highly prized currency in research, marketing and across the brand spectrum as part of any business transformation programme.

But do we even agree what an insight is? How to find one? How to extract the gold of insight from the mine of data?

This session will open up new ways of exploring, defining and (most importantly) capturing the famously-elusive “wild insight” that go beyond traditional “insight-comes-from-data” approaches.

Through exercises, focussed discussion and case studies you’ll explore different varieties of insight, and more importantly how to locate it.

Learning outcomes

  1. How to identify, develop and communicate the power of insight.
  2. What do the worlds of art, creativity and science teach us about insight?
  3. New approaches to seeing insight, beyond the world of traditional market research.
  4. Appreciating why insight is not just data analysis or information or “understanding the consumer”.
  5. Understanding and implementing the 3 “I”s of insight
  6. Ways of thinking that build “insightment” in your team, and your company or culture.
  7. Exploring other ways of generating “insightment”
  8. Practical exercises to take away.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Senior marketing, brand, comms and innovation managers whose role depends on hunting down and implementing insight/s across the business and maybe needs a new spark to deliver business success.
  • It is particularly relevant if you manage or are part of a research, insights or strategy team.

Learning methods

Exercises, Case studies, plenty of interaction and debate.

Course delivery mode

Classroom/Zoom (tba)

Why stories make us care when numbers don’t | Anthony Tasgal | TEDxNewcastle

Additional Information

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