Storytelling is a key research skill with videos one of the most effective ways to engage buyers. Learn how to create compelling videos on this course.

In this workshop with visual insight expert and multi-award winning filmmaker Paul McGhie, delegates will learn the art of combining narrative and visuals, filming and editing, and how to do that on the tightest budget possible, in short time frames. Delegates will be filming and editing content on the day!

This ‘one stop shop’ course focuses on taking your story or insight and transforming it into a professional and engaging short video. Delegates will be doing plenty of learning-by-doing through hands-on activities on how to produce, shoot and edit videos as part of your final report to stakeholders, on low-to-no budget and using smart tech you already own. Learning how to shoot, edit and make videos is also a fantastic transferable skill. Delegates can apply the principles taught in this course for marketing and other endeavours.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course will benefit people that need to make information more engaging and are looking for new and innovative ways of creating impact with stakeholders; whether revamping quarterly reports, or discovering creative ways of delivering data and insights. If you’re a market researcher, whether experienced or fresh to the industry or an agency working with insights and data, this course will give you a bold, new technique of communicating your work.

This course is for complete beginners as well as people who have had some filming and video experience.

Aims and objectives

The key aims and objectives of the course are to share strategic techniques for making videos that are concise, informative, visually arresting and create the kind of impact that leaves stakeholders wanting to deep dive for more. The course is set up to give participants all the instructive steps they need to put a specific set of insights and other types of information together in a story to create video without making massive creative leaps or taking too much time. Delegates will learn elements of Adobe Express and Adobe Premiere Pro on the day to make their first videos. The facilitators will not be teaching any other software programs.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the impact you can expect from delivering insight and other types of information through video.
  • Learn the do’s and don'ts of filming and storytelling to create engaging, impactful content.
  • Understand the key principles that drive engagement and understanding in video.
  • Learn how to storyboard for filmmaking.
  • Learn how to capture content in a visually interesting way through filming, and the ‘art of the edit’.
  • Understand basic video editing software.
  • Learn how to make a video even if you don’t have video footage (e.g. using still images and text-only videos).
  • Discover how to use your phone (and other either easily accessible, free or reasonably priced equipment and software) to make great videos, no matter your budget.
  • Leave the workshop with a finished video template you can use time and again.
"An in-depth introduction to video editing from a great teacher."

Will Knapman - Simpson Carpenter, May 2023


Anna Harris - VisitBritain, July 2021

"Very useful and interesting - even without any prior experience you can leave it with practical skills and ideas that to apply to your work."

Ellen King - Critical Research, November 2020

"There's nothing more powerful in the world than a good story!"

Amanda Hammond - ITV, November 2020

Paul McGhie is a visual messaging specialist, he has worked in market research, visual marketing and now works within commercial video production. He has won awards for his film work and teaches many workshops on the power of visual messaging.

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