Use gamification and play techniques to help staff stay motivated and engaged, alleviate stress, and work effectively while remote-working during these uncertain times

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Managers need more guidance now than ever before on how to keep their team(s) motivated and engaged while remote working in these uncertain times.

This session shows how the power of gamification can be used in simple, effective (and even free) ways to get employees working productively, and even thriving, while remote-working. Delegates will design their own gamified employee engagement strategy during the session as part of the key activity, with guidance from the expert facilitator, and come away with plenty of quick wins and practical ideas in this masterclass session. 

Course overview/description

When your team suddenly goes from working in an office environment, to working from home, how do you keep them motivated, engaged, and help them alleviate stress? And all with little time, budget or technological means?

Games offer a powerful, proven answer. Gamification and Serious Games are being used in every single industry (collectively to a predicated $40 billion by 2025) and have proven to improve focus, attention, task-completion, collaboration and even innovation in industries like healthcare, education, training, and yes - employee engagement. Gamification has proven to increase workplace productivity, sales, and training retention, and decrease sick days, absenteeism, and procrastination – all with lower long-term costs than physical rewards. These are just some of the many benefits that gamification strategies can bring in employee engagement.

This session clearly outlines cost-effective (or entirely free) ideas on how to use gamification and elements of play for managers to help staff stay focused, meet goals, while ensuring that employees retain a passion for their work. Case-studies will show gamification techniques in action, while delegates learn the science and psychology of games to apply in real-life, every day settings.
Delegates will also learn how to use gamification to encourage innovative thinking, which is likely to be a real need in these times where businesses may need to think on their feet and pivot.
You’ll also learn how to re-think free tools to not just manage employee tasks, but reward employees beyond ‘employee of the month’ to ensure maximum motivation and engagement.

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

  • Learn about the science and psychology of games and gamification
  • Explore short term 'quick wins' on how to implement gamification techniques with little time, budget or technological means.
  • Understand the benefits, and drawbacks (what to avoid) with gamification in employee engagement
  • Hear case-studies on the effectiveness of gamified employee engagement programs from around the world
  • Learn about longer term gamification approaches to help achieve longer-standing individual, team, and company-wide goals (with larger budgets)
  • Be inspired on how to use gamification to encourage innovative thinking, which may be a real need in these times as businesses need to think on their feet and pivot.
  • Design the first draft of your own gamified employee engagement strategy during our session activity, with support from the course facilitator
  • Re-think free tools to not just manage employee tasks, but reward employees beyond ‘employee of the month’ to ensure maximum motivation and engagement.

Who will benefit?

  • Managers in charge of small or larger teams
  • Project managers who may be managing teams while also managing clients
  • Employees interested in how to help themselves stay motivated and engaged while working remotely

Learning method

This online presentation will include case-studies, a design-activity, and each delegate will be given the opportunity to share their designs with the group. A live Q&A will take place at the end of the course.

Course delivery mode

Online, with recommended ‘to-do’s after the session

Betty Adamou is the Founder of Research Through Gaming (RTG), a Serious Game designer, and author of Games and Gamification in Market Research (Kogan Page Publishing, 2019).
In 2010, Betty invented ResearchGames™ - and since then continues to make games that captivate players while collecting valuable insight - primarily in the Market Research industry. While this area seems niche, Betty is an in-demand designer and regularly works on behalf of Fortune 500 brands, agencies, and academic institutions, where she creates ‘ResearchGames™’.  Her games have been played by tens of thousands of people worldwide, and to great feedback.
Both her commercial case-studies and academic work have broadened her passion for how games can help us in market research, to discover how games can help us in marketing, healthcare, training, employee engagement, and a host of other industries.
Betty has been voted “1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research”, has won the IMPACT MRS 2018 Best Presentation award for her work in developing a Fashion Preference Testing Game, has won the  NGMR Disruptive Innovation Award, and Enfield Entrepreneur of the Year award, among others.
She is frequently invited to keynote at conferences, guest lecture to university students, and is interviewed about her innovative, data-driven approach to game design in newspapers, podcasts, and most recently on BBC radio.
Most recently, Adamou has become a Columnist for Research World magazine; where she explores the impact of Serious Games and Gamification in multiple industries through her column ‘How Games and Data are Changing the World’. Her book is being translated to Portuguese in 2020, and Spanish in 2021.

Additional Information

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