Build traction to ensure insight lives on within stakeholder teams.

The delivery of the insight recommendations is not the end of the journey, it is just the springboard that enables further conversations about how businesses can use the information to explore ideas, inform a decision or take specific action.  The aim of this training is to help you apply leading edge stakeholder management and facilitation skills to influence representatives across different business functions.  We share our tried and tested framework for planning and facilitating conversations and provide practical examples and exercises to help apply the skills in real life.

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

  • Understand what motivates individuals to take action and apply proven techniques to influence stakeholder intentions
  • Learn key frameworks to assist in planning, designing, and delivering debriefs, workshops and meetings that generate concrete business outcomes from insight
  • Applying deliberative techniques and gamification before, during and after meetings to build traction with ideas
  • Access a tried and tested toolkit to stimulate debate, thinking and action planning

Who will benefit?

Agency or client-side insight professionals who are responsible for driving activation of insights with the end users

Learning method

On-demand tutorials, pre-training tasks, break out conversations and assignment tasks

Course delivery mode

Blend of on-demand and Live sessions

Trainer biography

Caroline has worked extensively on both agency and client side and in research and analytics roles. Since launching Insight Narrator in 2012 she has helped thousands of insight professionals increase the impact of what they do through improving outcomes at critical touchpoints in the insight process. Caroline is a thought leader in insight generation and storytelling and regularly runs workshops with clients to activate insights into strategies and plans.

Additional Information

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