Develop the innovation mindset and toolkit your organisation needs to recover and thrive in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Evolution is slow. Successive generations build on characteristics that served their ancestors well. Innovation in business typically works at evolutionary pace. Even so, risk aversion can shut down promising innovations before they get started. 

Coronavirus has changed this. After the initial chaos, panic, and shock of lockdown, all organisations are actively exploring what’s next. The need to pivot and innovate has never been greater. To survive short-term and thrive medium-to-long-term, companies must now fast-track innovation. The key to innovation is insight, well defined as “a profound and useful understanding of a person, topic, or issue”. Trouble is, insight is poorly understood – like many abstract concepts. Just when we’ve never needed innovation more, most people don’t even know what it takes to be insightful.

In this enlightening, practical, half-day training course, Sam Knowles will set out a new model of insightful thinking to help kick-start the 2020s’ innovation revolution. Drawing on the history, psychology, and neuroscience of insight, he’ll establish a blueprint for more reliable and productive insightful thinking in a world in need of a reassuring but directive hand on its shoulder.

Learning outcomes / learning objectives

  • A clear understanding of why insightful thinking can be so challenging
  • Experience of a novel framework and model of how to be insightful
  • Access to a toolkit of techniques that make breakthrough insights more likely

Who will benefit

The psychologist Daniel Kahneman said: “Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats; they can do it, but they’d prefer not to.” This course will benefit insight seekers at all levels. Anyone required to make sense of data and show colleagues or clients what the data means and what they should do as a result – how to move from “So what?” to “How what?” – will find this training invaluable. The content of this session is not tailored at either heads of insight or new graduates. As a novel framework, Sam’s STEP Prism of Insight is genuinely relevant to all, no matter how senior.

Learning method

The half-day training session will be run over Zoom, with dynamic and interactive exercises – run both solo and in groups – throughout the session.

Course delivery mode


Sam Knowles is a data storyteller. He is the founder of the consultancy Insight Agents, and the author of the just-published How To Be Insightful ( This is the sequel to 2018’s critically-acclaimed Narrative by Numbers (, with both books published by Routledge. A classicist with a doctorate in experimental psychology, Sam is a sought-after speaker and trainer, blogger and podcaster, having co-founded the Small Data Forum podcast in 2016, which he co-hosts. He also chairs I-COM’s Data Storytelling Council.

Additional Information

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