Understand new technologies and online panel relationships

This course enables you to understand how to best build, develop and maintain online panels or communities using the latest techniques. It covers the implications of Web 2.0 for research, as well as options for software and how to resource an online panel or community (both in-house and externally).

We’ll focus primarily on case studies from the UK market (with some international case studies where relevant), and will cover client-based panels, both those run internally and through third parties (as opposed to access panels).

Learning outcomes
  • The benefits and challenges of online panels and communities
  • How to set-up an online panel or community
  • Panellist and community member lifestage and best practice for engagement
  • How best to communicate with panellists and community members – the usefulness of newsletters, online forums etc.
  • How to engage client-side stakeholders in a community model and complete the two-way relationship
Who will benefit

Those running/using a panel or community, in the process of setting one up, or thinking about doing so.

"Worthy to attend."

Alketa Berzani - Freelance Research Consultant, May 2021

"Great introduction to setting a panel/ community."

Astrid Aupetit - Principality Building Society, May 2021

"Something new to learn for everyone in the business."

Helen Tossell - OnePoll, May 2021

"Lots of information from an expert in his field."

Marc Drew - Cogito Talent Limited, May 2021

Additional Information

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