This course will give anyone new to questionnaire design a solid framework of understanding of the key principles and common challenges. It will build confidence and practice in spotting weaknesses so the main pitfalls are avoided.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the range of question types - be able to choose an appropriate question format
  • Understand the principles of wording questions – building a checklist of the key ‘tests’ of a question
  • Know what decisions need to be made to achieve a good structure and flow -and minimise order bias
  • Identify the key steps in an efficient and effective questionnaire writing process
Who will benefit

Anyone who is starting to work with questionnaires (whether designing or scripting them) who wants to make sure they have a good grounding in the basics to help them as they start to build their questionnaire design experience.

Learning method

Mix of theory and short exercises to help attendees practice spotting problems.

"It was both a reassurance and enlightening experience."

Jamie - People for Research,October 2022

"Thorough, easy-to-understand, clear-cut training."

Sophie - Publicis Media,October 2022

"A very interesting and informative course that manages to cover the full spectrum of thoughts, questions and doubts that come to mind when designing a questionnaire in a short space of time."

Suraj Modhvadiya - ICAEW,October 2022

"A great insight into the world of questionnaire design."

Peter Lindsay - Stagecoach Group,October 2022

"Really nice, broad introduction with great strategies to mitigate against bias."

Hannah Birch - BBC, June 2022

"Engaging, insightful and super useful!"

Chloe Stephenson - Mustard, March 2022

"Exactly what you need to make sure your approach to questionnaires is on track."

Zaynab - The FA, March 2022

"Very intriguing and engaging, I could feel my skills develop throughout the course."

India Wood - Trinity McQueen, March 2022

"A brilliant session - invaluable insight, a fantastic tutor, and really engaging day."

Molly Hilton - Mustard Market Research, March 2022

Kate is a user-friendly, freelance trainer focused on building research and insights skills among agency and client researchers and marketeers. Kate shares her enthusiasm for clarity and simplicity so that research outcomes are practical and commercial.
Before returning to freelance Kate spent 15 years as Learning Director at Kantar - creating global research training programmes. She’s experienced in translating specialist content into engaging learning material – including online video tutorials - as well as facilitation of virtual and in-person training.
Kate’s training skills build on her first 20 years as a research practitioner (RSL, TNS). She is a Certified Member of the MRS and an MRS Advanced Certificate examiner. She originally studied Experimental Psychology at Cambridge.

Additional Information

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