Multivariate and other statistical techniques for use in research.

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

This two day training programme will give researchers who work with statistical methods, or use their results, a thorough practical understanding of all the main statistical techniques used in survey research. Experienced statistical practitioners will give you clear insights into how the techniques should be applied, and how to interpret the results.



Who will benefit from this course?

Research practitioners who need to apply statistical techniques to their data, and research users who need to examine and understand the results of these techniques. Typically delegates should have 1-3 years' research-related experience, and some limited experience of statistical techniques.

Aims and objectives

Applying statistical techniques and using their results can often lead to confusion rather than clarity. This course will reverse that tendency by showing you:

  • Which techniques should be used in different situations
  • How to apply the techniques to your data
  • How to choose between alternative options within each technique
  • How to understand and apply your results
  • How to interpret your results into actionable conclusions

Learning Outcomes

The course, will gives delegates an effective practical understanding of applying:

  • Basic statistical techniques to calculate confidence intervals and significance tests
  • Factor analysis to summarise attitudinal and image data, revealing underlying concepts
  • Cluster analysis and CHAID to segment data sets into actionable subgroups
  • Conjoint analysis and related techniques to examine your data at respondent level
  • Correspondence analysis and other mapping techniques to create insightful ways of understanding relationships within your data
  • Regression analysis to understand interactions between data variables
  • Data fusion to merge together data sets, allowing analyses combining measures from separate surveys
“A thorough dive into the world of statistics for market research, for a researcher with some statistical and market research analysis knowledge/experience.”

Charlotte Caseley-Austin, Critical Research
10-11 February 2016

“Very well designed and delivered no-nonsense training for researchers who are passionate about statistics.”

Malgosia Stelmach, AIG RTD
10-11 February 2016

“Really useful training session, delivered in an engaging and easy to understand manner .”

Bo Cartwright, Trinity McQueen Limited
10-11 February 2016

“Perfect grounding on the base and use of statistics.”

Jas Gill, Healthcare Research Worldwide
10-11 February 2016

Additional Information

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