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An exploration of consumers' response to online service recovery initiatives [Download PDF]
Wilson Ozuem, Amisha Patel, Kerry E. Howell and Geoff Lancaster
The focus of this paper is on levels of service failure and recovery strategies in relation to UK online fashion retailers. In a changing social, political and economic environment the use of information technology has permeated all forms of organisations: from private to public, local to global, old and new. Parallel with this development, companies have developed and experimented with new means of interacting with customers, and have devised and applied a variety of marketing strategies. The deployment of the internet, along with its subsets, has created a number of new opportunities, as well as a range of uncertainties and burdens, particularly on consumer perceptions of service quality, service failure and recovery. This paper contributes to extant knowledge and offers an understanding of behavioural-related issues, e.g. understanding consumer behaviour in the development of innovative business models in the industry.
[Digital First] Published 3 October 2016

Book Review: Creating value with Big Data analytics: making smarter marketing decisions, by Peter C. Verhoef, Edwin Kooge and Natasha Walk [Download PDF]
Peter Mouncey Vol. 58 No. 5, 2016 pp. 761–764
This book review examines 'Creating value with Big Data analytics: making smarter marketing decisions', by Peter C. Verhoef, Edwin Kooge and Natasha Walk. The book covers more than just the analytic techniques that might be applied in the world of Big Data. At the heart of it is also a useful framework for operationalising Big Data within the company. It can provide market researchers with a perspective on the skills and techniques necessary to extend their role in developing insight from a wider range of data sources.
Published 26 September 2016

Insight Intelligence Market Research Summit 2016, 9-10 May, London [Download PDF]
Jillian Ney Vol. 58 No. 5, 2016 pp. 754–760
This article considers social media intelligence in market research, including the tools needed to analyse conversations and the challenge of how to extract value from the millions of online conversations that happen daily. Social media can be seen as the largest focus group in the world, however, unlike other forms of online research, the challenge is to extract value from the millions of online conversations that happen daily without asking any direct questions and without anyone knowing you are there. To get the scale required to analyse social media conversations, we rely on social analysis tools, from analytics to audience interest mapping to social listening. These tools require a skilled end user to analyse and interpret the data to turn the conversations into insight. As an industry, market research must overcome the barriers associated with social media intelligence.
Published 26 September 2016

Insight Intelligence Market Research Summit 2016, 9-10 May, London [Download PDF]
Ian Bramley and Emma Bramwell Vol. 58 No. 5, 2016 pp. 749–753
This article covers a new approach to measuring rail passengers' experience by exploring the emotions associated with rail travel among London commuters. A multi-stage design involved creating and validating a new non-verbal emotional scale, and capturing these emotions in the moment via an in-app survey. The results show that, in a transport research landscape filled with standardised scales for measuring recalled experience, there is a place for monitoring the in-the-moment emotional experience of passengers.
Published 26 September 2016

Exploring the past behaviour of new brand buyers [Download PDF]
Arry Tanusondjaja, Giang Trinh and Jenni Romaniuk Vol. 58 No. 5, 2016 pp. 733–748
This research examines the retrospective buying behaviour of customers acquired by a new brand, both at category and brand level. New brand launches are risky endeavours for marketers, as many fail to attract a sustainable customer base. We examine new brand launches in six packaged goods categories in the UK, across a wide range of brand and category conditions, including premium brands and private labels. The results show that, in the pre-launch period, buyers of a new brand are more likely to have been heavier (more frequent) category buyers and, where applicable, heavier buyers of a parent brand. However, despite disproportionately drawing from heavy category buyers, the buyers of new launches tend to become only light brand buyers. This suggests that new brands are more likely to 'slip' into the repertoire of heavy category or parent brand buyers. This research contributes to our understanding of repertoire formation in packaged goods categories. It also has implications for the pre-testing of new launches and the scheduling of marketing activities.
Published 26 September 2016

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