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Collaborative Award

IJMR Collaborative Research Award


This award was launched in 2007 to foster closer links between practitioner and academic communities, to the benefit of both parties and the market research industry as a whole.

There has been considerable debate in recent years about the inability of these two communities in the marketing sector to work together. A key example published in IJMR is the paper by Deborah Roberts & Richard Adams, ‘Agenda development for marketing research: the user's debate', Vol. 52 Issue 3, 2010. In the USA the Marketing Science Institute and the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) have been working together to foster an interest in collaborative research for a number of years.

Our objective is to stimulate either new research partnerships, or encourage those that have worked together to publish their findings. Overall, this can provide the basis for a rich partnership between the two communities and opportunities to produce interesting and valued papers for our readers.

The IJMR Collaborative Research Award is awarded annually to the authors of the best paper in this category published in IJMR. It is based on papers published between September and July (IJMR Issues 5,6,1-4). However, the Board reserves the right not to make an award in any year where the papers in this category do not reach the required standard.

The judging panel for this award will be the IJMR Executive Editorial Board. The award will cover formal papers and Forum articles. In addition to judging the extent to which submissions meet the criteria listed in the IJMR Guidelines for Authors covering all published contributions in the journal, the Board will be looking for genuine collaboration between the authors (and/or their respective organisations); innovation/creative problem solving; practical solutions; clearly identified benefits to both parties; wider implications to both communities (academics and practitioners) of the research, methodologies or findings.

Joint authorship of submissions is not essential, the key issue is that the author(s) demonstrate that collaboration between two organisations has occurred, in whatever way. Papers based on presentations previously given at conferences and seminars or published in proceedings will be eligible provided that the criteria for IJMR papers are met and there is no copyright infringement.

Our objective is to prove that, at least where market research is concerned, the two communities are actively collaborating to address real issues.

Previous winners were:

2012: Agnes Nairn & Barbie Clarke, ‘Researching children: are we getting it right? A discussion of ethics', Vol. 54 Issue 2, 2012

2011: Saahier Parker, Belinda Don & Kyle McLouglin, ‘Exploring market barriers', Vol. 52 Issue 6, 2010

2010: John Curtice & Nick Sparrow, ‘The past matters: eliminating the pro-Labour bias in British opinion polls', Vol. 52 Issue 2, 2010

2009: Greg Rogers & Didier Soopramanien, ‘How external validity can lead to better marketing decisions', Vol. 51 Issue 2, 2009

2008: Marc Farr, Jessica Wardlaw & Catherine Jones, ‘Tackling health inequalities: a social marketing approach', Vol. 50 Issue 4, 2008

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