David Jimenez-Castillo and Manuel Sanchez-Perez

Although companies are increasingly using integrative communication processes to develop and improve market information dissemination, research in marketing has typically conceptualised and measured dissemination in terms of the use and frequency of information-sharing activities. In view of this asynchrony between theory and practice, this research explores the above neglected domain of market information dissemination, proposing a new construct that we call ‘integrated market-related internal communication’ (IMIC), which encompasses the integrative communication processes implemented by firms aimed at enhancing employees’ market information processing. After conceptualising IMIC as a four-dimensional construct, we developed and validated a measurement instrument for assessing this emergent concept. In particular, the proposed dimensions were confirmed as reflective factors of the higher order-construct IMIC, and nomological validity was assessed by demonstrating the positive influence of IMIC on both employees’ capacity to assimilate market information and shared interpretation of this information.

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