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Vision One Research Limited – 1 October 2019
Source VisionOne

In 2019, Vision One relaunched their ground-breaking brand tracking tool BrandVision to high acclaim - providing unique insights into Brand Equity as yet untapped by most brand owners.

Vision One also offers System 1 emotion-based Neuromarketing and Biometric research techniques into it's qualitative and quantitative research armoury, including:

Vision One’s state of the art eye-tracking research solution iVision is available in both static and mobile options. Static PC based eye-tracking is ideal for website, packaging and advertising evaluation, whilst our mobile solution is highly advanced, lightweight & portable and extremely accurate – making it the perfect tool for investigating many of the processes and sub-conscious behaviours involved in shopping online or in the real world.

Eye-tracking can be incorporated into the following services:

  • Shopping behaviour and store navigation – shopper research
  • Usability studies (websites, products)
  • Product or packaging research (what people see and read) – PackProbe
  • Advertising & POS and how it attracts their attention – AdProbe


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