Seminar held on 6th November 2013 at the Hallam Conference Centre

Download the Chairmen's report here.

This was the third seminar that the Census & Geodemographics Group has held on the 2011 Census, and its purpose was to show how others are making use of the latest Census and other open data with the aim of helping attendees benefit from these sources within their own organisations. The presentations from this event are available to download below. 

Census 2011: new opportunities, analyses, and future options
Professor David Martin, University of Southampton

Realising the benefits from the Census
Oliver Doerle, Office for National Statistics

Approximating Social Grade on the 2011 Census: How and Why?
Helen Lambert, GfK NOP

The Case for Open Data
Heather Savory, Chair of the Open Data User Group (ODUG)

Geodemographics and the New Economy
Simon Whalley, Beacon Dodsworth

How Callcredit are using Census and Open Data to develop our CAMEO consumer classification system
Paul Kennedy, Callcredit

Beyond 'lazy' geodemographics - streetwalkers, the internet, and freedom of information
John Rae, CACI

How the 2011 Census data supports SoLoMo (Social Location and Mobile) solutions
Andy Bell, Pitney Bowes Software

The 2011 Output Area Classification for the UK
Chris Gale and Paul Longley, UCL

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