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R-Net Blog

R Net Blog

R-Net spotlight: Jake Steadman, elected to MRS Main Board 2016

Jake Steadman is Director of International Research at Twitter, where he is responsible for all research outside of North America. Before that he led the UK and EMEA research teams at Twitter, the Social Insights function at O2 UK, as well as agency side roles at TNS and Quadrangle. He has a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Innovation Management. Jake is a member of the MRS Delphi Group and joined MRS Main Board in 2016.

What appealed to you about joining MRS Main Board? The chance to help the research industry develop and adapt for the future. I have a different background to other members of the board (I have a computer science degree) and I genuinely feel that I can bring a fresh perspective - especially given my current role at Twitter.

How do you think MRS can engage with client-side researchers more effectively? MRS does a lot of good work for client-side researchers already. High profile events and resources like Impact 2016, Impact magazine, and the MRS Awards are all brilliant. Maybe they just need to be a bit more aggressive in how they market themselves.

What’s your most hated buzzword? I love a buzzword. If I had to choose I’d probably boil the ocean to find the low hanging fruit then double click on “open the kimono”.

Who’s your biggest influence? I have three: my dad (obvs), Bryan Robson (captain marvel) and my kids (there are more important things than research).

What do clients get wrong? Champagne taste on a beer budget? That, and not being aggressive enough with their drive for innovation. No one has ever been fired for a 20 minute, nat rep quant survey.

What would you do with a £1million research budget? *insert gif of Scrooge McDuck diving into a swimming pool filled with money*. Once I’ve dried off I’d like to create a beautiful, global, interactive, LIVE audience and brand insight tool that is powered by Tweets.

What’s the next big thing? @sproutsteadman or @beansteadman.

What did you last spend too much money on? @sproutsteadman or @beansteadman - whichever turns out not to be the next big thing.

What’s the best opening line from a novel? "In the great green room, there was a telephone and a red balloon..."

Finish this sentence; if I weren’t sitting here right now I’d be building the greatest blanket fort the world has ever seen with @sproutsteadman and @beansteadman.

Twitter are sponsoring the new MRS Award for Social Media Research. Jake is nominated for the Best Newcomer Award for his contribution to Impact 2016. The winner will be announced at the MRS Excellence Awards on 10 June. 

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