MRS responded to the DCMS consultation: Data a new direction

In the MRS response, which you can read here, MRS welcomed the opportunity to respond to the DCMS consultation on behalf of the UK and international research sector.  MRS agreed with the UK Government that there is a lot of untapped value in the data held in the private and public sectors and if unlocked could have a transformative impact on the UK's economy.  

MRS also recognised that there are potential benefits in evolving the UK's data protection regime, but that it was important to note that the EU remains a key market for market, opinion and social research, and businesses have invested heavily in becoming GDPR-compliant.  MRS emphasised the importance of EU data adequacy and the need to ensure that the UK data protection regime, whilst not necessarily requiring verbatim the same laws does require equivalent outcomes, and the importance for UK business of the UK not diverging significantly from the EU's data protection regime.

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