Christine is a disability and age-inclusive inclusive researcher, designer, and innovator. She founded and leads Open Inclusion, based in the UK and operating globally. Open is a global leader in market, social, design and innovation research that includes disabled and older participants. We help our clients better understand the impacts of functional human diversity to inform better decisions and empower better solutions. We work with governments, academia, large commercial organisations, NGOs, accelerators and entrepreneurial start-ups to help them understand their target markets / audiences more broadly and completely to identify, design and deliver more valuable outcomes.

My passion for inclusive research started when I looked for support in my relationship with my brother who is autistic. Collaboarting my neurodiverse intitiative The Bridge Between on an inhouse project with d.fferentology ‘finding brands through a different lens’ explored how neurodiverse audiences interact with brands and gives insight into how brands can resonate with this at times overlooked consumer group. I am co-chair for MRS Unlimited and help share and direct knowledge for inclusive neurodiverse and disabled research. Bringing my initiative and life experience into the research world has been eye opening in understanding how necessary it is to include neurodiversity in all forms of society and research.

The first part of my career was spent focusing on disability sport development in London, advising various National Governing Bodies of sport, local authorities, delivery partners, and charities to enhance the inclusiveness of their projects to disabled people. Also, I project-managed high-profile projects such as 'Inclusive United' on behalf of The FA and Sport England, and a Sport England-funded 'Motivate East' project on behalf of the London Legacy Development Corporation to increase disabled people's activity levels.

Around four years' ago, I decided to switch my career to focus on what I have always wanted to do - applied / strategic research. I now work for London Sport as their Senior Insight Officer bringing together valuable strategic insights to make a tangible difference to organisations and individuals living in London, and conduct key research projects that aim to change the London population's physical activity behaviours.

Julie is an award winning researcher, experienced Insight Director and founder of Emerald Insights.

She is a firm believer that market research needs to be more inclusive of neurodiverse and disabled people. Julie has specialist knowledge across a variety of sectors allowing her to engage with a diverse group of participants including seldom heard audiences. Julie is an MRS, ICG & AQR member and an active member of the steering group at MRS Unlimited – a driving force for disability inclusive research.

Emerald Insights specialises in Qualitative & mixed methodology research, leveraging data analytics expertise and the power of AI. We collaborate with partners and work with global brands, commercial organisations, charities, NGO’s and government organisations. Emerald Insights supports innovation, refines brand positioning, conducts comprehensive communication & propositions testing, drives new product development and helps to enhance the usability of products and services for everyone.

Julie is passionate about the need for Disability Inclusion to be reflected in our research practices AND among industry professionals, to achieve a comprehensive understanding of people’s needs, identify opportunities for improvement and to make informed, strategic decisions that have real impact.

Julie is keen to use her experience to advocate for inclusive practices and seeks opportunities to develop and share knowledge in this area, to drive change!

Kathryn is the Founding Director of True Insights. Kathryn has made a significant and award-winning contribution to research across multiple sectors for over 20 years. She is best known for her work helping charities and other organisations including broadcasters reach, connect, engage, and create a sense of belonging for Seldom Heard Audiences.

Kathryn has published on the representation and portrayal of marginalised groups including those with disabilities on TV. She has presented a disruptive innovation (creative thinking) seminar at an Institute of Fundraising Conference and a published paper related to charities at an MRS Annual Conference.

Kathryn has an early-stage certification in counselling and is recognised for her ability to design and execute research with Seldom-Heard Audiences. Kathryn is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society and an MRS Mentor.
I am an intersectional UX researcher with over 7 years’ experience working in product and service design teams across commercial, healthcare and public sector. I am motivated by being the change I want to see in the world, striving to co-create accessible, inclusive, responsible outcomes and cultures where underrepresented communities can thrive.

Debbie is Director at Moorcroft Market Research. Her experience reaches across many sectors, but she has built particular expertise in the charity and not-for-profit sectors in the past 20 years.

She conducts qualitative and quantitative research with people from a wide range of backgrounds including those with learning disabilities, physically disabilities, blindness, deafness, mental health issues, life-limiting illnesses and those with a terminal diagnosis. She is passionate about designing research to be as inclusive as possible, so we can learn from the widest possible range of participants.

She is a member of the MRS and Insight Consultants Group (ICG). She was a Finalist in the MRS Independent Consultant of the Year Award 2023 for her work with adults and young adults with learning disabilities. She is a Guest Lecturer in Market Research Practice at Durham University Business School and also regularly volunteers at Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

Juliet is passionate about ensuring that market research becomes more inclusive to everyone. Having worked in the industry for 10 years whilst living with a chronic and invisible condition, she has developed an understanding of the importance of safe and supportive spaces. However, she is excited to learn more and uncover what is needed to ensure meaningful change is actioned. As an enthusiastic storyteller she hopes she can add value to the Unlimited team by bringing to life the array of broad experiences which will help move the industry forward.


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