What’s new in B2B Research?

Showcase the fantastic research you and your clients have been working on this year at The Future of B2B Research,  25 June in London. 

Be part of the MRS annual B2B research event and join in the conversation on up and coming B2B trends, new research paradigms and innovative methodologies that are gaining traction in the B2B space. We’re keen to hear about any new research you’d like to share but are especially interested in papers on the following areas:

  • Big Research – creating global research functions and designing rolling international programmes
  • Using AI to deliver large scale B2B insight
  • Blending MR with other data sources
  • Applying qualitative methodologies in the B2B environment
  • Overcoming challenges of B2B engagement, reward and sampling
  • Delivering insight to stakeholders in an impactful way
  • Using insight to boost satisfaction, engagement and advocacy with internal and external stakeholders

If you’d like to present at this event please send us your ideas for a:

  • 30 minute case study – present new research where innovative methodologies have been used, outcomes have been notable and the audience will be left excited by your story
  • No slides panel debate – you may wish to participate in a discussion on a particular topic or curate the whole session. Please suggest topics which will generate a stimulating discussion  where a range of viewpoints can be represented 
  • Round table discussion – suggest and lead a 30 minute discussion on a burning industry issue with a table of delegates. We’re looking for topics with broad appeal where delegates will welcome the opportunity to discuss strategies and solutions with industry colleagues

 A quick note on our selection criteria

With just 10 sessions available we give priority to client side presenters / co-presenters, new hot-off-the-press research and projects using pioneering research techniques.

If you have a recent research project that you’d like to showcase or a conference session idea please submit a brief synopsis (approx. 250 words) for consideration by Friday 13 March to conference@mrs.org.uk.

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