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Market Research – An Introduction is one of the study routes for the MRS Certificate in Market and Social Research. For more information go to the Qualifications section.

To provide an understanding of the role of market and social research in society and business, and an awareness of the processes involved in designing and planning effective research. The course is knowledge-based, provides a basic grounding in the research process and covers the syllabus for the MRS Certificate in Market and Social Research.

Learning outcomes
On completion of the course registrants should have an understanding of:

The basics of market research

  • Research objectives
  • Research design
  • Content
  • An introduction to research methodologies

Designing a research project: the tools of market research

  • Introduction to qualitative research
  • Introduction to quantitative research
  • Introduction to sampling and interviewing
  • An introduction to questionnaire design

Completing a research project

  • Turning data into findings
  • Reporting and communicating findings
  • Professional development and the market research industry

Microlaunch Online®

  • Design research stages
  • Apply qualitative & quantitative research methods
  • Use insights from research findings
  • Control a budget

Who will benefit?

Those with little or no experience of market research. The course will provide a basic introduction and may be particularly suited to support staff, those commissioning research for the first time, those wishing to carry out small-scale research to support their businesses, field workers and those seeking an understanding of the market research industry.

(payment must be received by MRS before commencement of training can begin)

Registrants must log onto the course within 60 days of being supplied with an access key and complete the course within 120 days.

How to Book

Please use our booking form to book this course.

Want a permanent resource?

There is an excellent text book, Market Research in Practice, which complements this course and also covers extra topics such as online surveys, observation and ethnography, international market research and research trends. It's a brand new edition and is available through us at £25 (RRP £29.99). To order a copy email training@mrs.org.uk 

Process and Conditions:

  • Submit booking form with payment to MRS.
  • MRS confirms booking and will process the payment.
  • Receipt of payment sent.
  • MRS issues you with a personal access key
  • You have 60 days from when the access key is issued to log onto the course for the first time. At this stage you will be asked to insert your personal access key. If you fail to log on within 60 days, you will need to re-register/re-pay.
  • After the first log in, you have 120 days in which to complete the course. Extensions will not be issued.
  • Refunds will not be available, once the personal access key has been issued.

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