To mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the MRS Delphi Group has commissioned leading industry figures to share their ideas for improving democratic engagement.  

Any views expressed by the authors are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of MRS. 

The Politics of Persuasion

To mark the UN’s International Day of Democracy, the MRS Delphi Group published new research into what influences voters. The findings have implications for media and business, politicians and the future of democratic engagement. 
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A research-driven campaign
Will Goodhand, TNS UK Board Director, shares his experience of standing as an MP in the 2015 general elections. 
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The limits of baked beans
The commercial sector could learn a thing or two from social research writes Colin Strong, Managing Director at Verve Ventures. 
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About MRS Delphi Group
The group brings together some of the research sector's leading figures to commission reports and research on the issues of the day. In March 2015 the group published 'Private Lives? Putting the consumer at the heart of the privacy debate'.

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Stop listening to what non-voters say, and find out what they mean

Broadcaster and author Peter York says making excuses for non-voters just covers up the real reasons why they don't vote.

I credit my first and only employer Conrad Jameson, the market and social researcher, with the invention of nudging, the idea behind Richard H. Thaler's and Cass R. Sunstein's hugely successful book 'Nudge' and the adoption of nudge thinking in the No. 10 Policy Unit of 2010.

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