Following the issuing of the Level system in Scotland, MRS has issued new guidance interpreting the restrictions, specifying the implications for face-to-face data collection in Scotland.

View the full PDF here

Some points to note from the new guidance:

  • The guidance interprets the Level system introduced on 2nd November.  
  • It includes the new regulations regarding vehicle sharing and travel to and from Scotland which was introduced on 20th November. 
  • It includes specific guidance for each of the Scottish Levels from Level 0 to Level 4.

The MRS Standards Team are continuing to review and update the MRS guidance as and when required including developments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The existing MRS Covid-19 guidance documents continue to apply supplementing the guidance issued: 

If you have any queries about the MRS Code or any of the MRS’ Covid-19 guidance please contact the MRS Standards Team via the MRS Codeline service (

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