Providing recognition of the skills and knowledge that interviewers develop through work-based learning.

Who’s it for?

Designed specifically for market research interviewers, the MRS Certificate in Interviewing Skills for Market & Social Research is currently only awarded to interviewers who complete Bespoke Training MRS Bespoke Training in interviewer skills.

This qualification provides recognition of the skills and knowledge interviewers develop through work-based learning.

To gain the Certificate, interviewers need to complete an initial training course and then compile a work-based portfolio showing how their work has developed over a period of between three and six months.

The Certificate is not currently available to independent candidates but MRS is considering the development a route to the qualification for experienced interviewers who would like to have recognition of their existing skills. Candidates interested in registering for further information when it is available should email .

What will I gain from the qualification?

MRS offers Bespoke Training to equip interviewers with a practical grounding in the techniques and behaviours that underpin effective interviewing.

Like all MRS Bespoke Training, our interviewer training can be tailored to your specific needs, but a general programme would cover:

  • Industry requirements and legislation
  • Sampling/quotas
  • Interviewing technique
  • Questionnaire administration and quality-control procedures
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Observations and listening skills
  • Key attitudes for interviewers

For organisations who wish to provide a route for interviewers to gain accreditation through a recognised MRS professional qualification, all interviewers who complete an MRS Bespoke Training course in interviewer skills are eligible to gain the MRS Certificate in Interviewing Skills for Market & Social Research.

To find out more

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