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New 2018 Courses

Online training

The market and social research sector is quick to embrace new practices, technological advances and business approaches. To reflect this, MRS regularly updates its training programme. New for 2018 are courses on GDPR and standards, research skills and methods and the latest innovations in business and insight.

10 new courses for 2018

GDPR and Data Privacy in Research The latest on data protection law, ensure that you're compliant with the new EU Regulation.

Understanding Cyber Security and Data Protection ISO27001 - Understand the steps organisations can take to ensure that data is secure. Critical for the new GDPR.

Boosting Innovation and Brand Value - Gain insight into client motivation and building purpose for individuals, teams and brands.

Conducting Desk Research Effectively Discover the value of this underrated and inexpensive research method.

Insight - What is it and how do you acquire it? Understand the real nature of insight and how to prepare for an insightful project.

The Science of Behaviour Change - How to apply the latest behavioural science to better understand and influence behaviour.

Creating a Good Focus GroupProvides a model called the Group Compass and a set of suggestions for making sessions more fruitful. 

Psychology – What Is It and Why Does It Matter? - Add depth and value to qualitative projects by applying psychology theory.

Social Insights Video MarketingA range of practical exercises and tutorials to deliver impactful social insight video.

Advanced Consulting Skills MasterclassGo beyond client servicing and insight practice - contribute more to business success.

Impact Magazine

Event highlights

February 2018

Questionnaire Design07.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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Data Privacy in Research08.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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Statistical Methods Masterclass20.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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Infographics and Data Visualisation 22.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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Presentation Delivery Skills23.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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Finding the Story in the Data - Identifying the Insight 26.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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Social Media in Market Research 27.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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Advanced Segmentation Masterclass28.02.18 | MRS, London EC1V 0JR

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