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Courses by Date – 2017

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Thursday, 2ndIntermediateQuestionnaire Design
Wednesday, 8thIntroductoryData Privacy in Research
Thursday, 9thBusinessPresentation Delivery Skills
Friday, 10thSpecialismsInfographics and Data Visualisation
Monday, 20th –
  Tuesday, 21st
AdvancedStatistical Methods Masterclass
Friday, 24thIntroductoryIntroduction to Moderating


Wednesday, 1stAdvancedUnlock the Story: Commercial Storytelling for Researchers (Day 1 of 2)
Thursday, 2ndAdvancedUsing Statistics to Forecast Trends and Service Demand
Friday, 3rdSpecialismsData Science – A Practical Approach
Monday, 6thSpecialismsSocial Media in Market Research
Tuesday, 7thBusinessFinding the Story in the Data - Identifying the Insight
Wednesday, 8thAdvancedUnlock the Story: Commercial Storytelling for Researchers (Day 2 of 2)
Thursday, 9thAdvancedConjoint Analysis Masterclass
Friday, 10thAdvancedAdvanced Segmentation Masterclass
Friday, 17thBusinessMaking the Most of the Media
Monday, 20thSpecialismsUsing R in Data Analysis
Tuesday, 21st –
  Thursday, 23rd
IntermediateEssentials of Qualitative Research
Friday, 24thIntroductoryNailing the Business Issues
Monday, 27thSpecialismsIntroduction to Behavioural Economics
Tuesday, 28thBusinessHow to Win New Clients
Wednesday, 29thBusinessIntroduction to Making Your Own Website
Thursday, 30thIntroductoryIntroduction to Market Research
Friday, 31stBusinessDesign Training for Market Researchers


Monday, 3rdBusinessInnovation Programme Delivery in Client Insight Teams
Tuesday, 4thAdvancedAdvanced Questionnaire Design
Wednesday, 5thSpecialismsConsumer Psychology
Thursday, 6thSpecialismsIntroduction to Marketing
Friday, 7thSpecialismsOnline Panels and Communities
Friday, 7thAdvancedModerating Masterclass
Tuesday, 11thBusinessNegotiation Strategy in Market Research
Wednesday, 19thIntroductoryIntroduction to Quantitative Research
Thursday, 20thIntroductoryIntroduction to Qualitative Research
Monday, 24thBusinessCrafting and Designing Presentations
Tuesday, 25th –
  Thursday, 27th
IntermediateEssentials of Quantitative Research
Friday, 28thBusinessPutting Insight at the Heart of your Business


Thursday, 4th –
  Friday, 5th
SpecialismsGame Based Research Methods
Monday, 8thSpecialismsCustomer Experience – Assessment and Improvement
Tuesday, 9thIntermediateQuestionnaire Design
Wednesday, 10thIntroductoryIntroduction to Statistics
Thursday, 11thAdvancedThinking Creatively in Research
Friday, 12thBusinessEssential People Management Skills
Tuesday, 16thSpecialismsOnline Qualitative Techniques
Wednesday, 17th –
  Thursday, 18th
SpecialismsAdvanced Semiotics
Wednesday, 17thAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 1
Friday, 19thSpecialismsUsing Sensory Evaluation Concepts in Qualitative Research
Monday, 22ndBusinessWriting Creatively for Impact in Research
Tuesday, 23rdBusinessAdvanced Client Relationship Management
Wednesday, 24thSpecialismsNeuroeconomics – Exploring how the Brain Decides
Wednesday, 24thAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 2
Thursday, 25thIntermediateQualitative Analysis
Friday, 26thIntermediateQuantitative Analysis


Tuesday, 6thBusinessFacilitating Action from Insight
Tuesday, 6thAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 3
Tuesday, 6thAdvancedFacilitation 2 – Action Techniques
Wednesday, 7thSpecialismsWebinar – Researching Children Part 1
Webinar Season Ticket
Wednesday, 7thSpecialismsInfographics and Data Visualisation
Thursday, 8thBusinessOne Day MBA
Friday, 9thIntroductoryIntroduction to Moderating
Monday, 12thBusinessNegotiation Strategy in Market Research
Tuesday, 13thSpecialismsWebinar – Researching Children Part 2
Webinar Season Ticket
Tuesday, 13thBusinessPresentation Delivery Skills
Wednesday, 14thAdvancedUnlock the Story: Commercial Storytelling for Researchers (Day 1 of 2)
Wednesday, 14thAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 4
Thursday, 15thSpecialismsWebinar – International Research Part 1
Webinar Season Ticket
Thursday, 15thBusinessEffective Collaboration for Researchers
Friday, 16thAdvancedSurvey Design Effects and Significance Testing
Monday, 19thBusinessWinning the End-Game Masterclass (Day 1 of 2)
Tuesday, 20thSpecialismsWebinar – Introduction to Sensory Evaluation
Webinar Season Ticket
Tuesday, 20thSpecialismsUsing Co-Design in Focus Groups
Wednesday, 21stAdvancedUnlock the Story: Commercial Storytelling for Researchers (Day 2 of 2)
Wednesday, 21stAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 5
Thursday, 22ndSpecialismsWebinar – International Research Part 2
Webinar Season Ticket
Thursday, 22ndAdvancedAdvanced Thinking in Quant Masterclass
Friday, 23rdSpecialismsA Practical Application of Behavioural Economics in Research – Understanding Consumer Behaviour
Monday, 26thBusinessWinning the End-Game Masterclass (Day 2 of 2)
Tuesday, 27th –
  Thursday, 29th
AdvancedMRS Summer School
Wednesday, 28thSpecialismsWebinar – Introduction to B2B Market Research
Webinar Season Ticket
Thursday, 29thSpecialismsWebinar – Commissioning Qual for Client Insight Teams
Webinar Season Ticket
Friday, 30thBusinessInfluence and Impact


Monday, 3rdSpecialismsIntroduction to Behavioural Economics
Tuesday, 4thSpecialismsWebinar – Turning Insights into Company-wide Memes
Webinar Season Ticket
Tuesday, 4thAdvancedAdvanced Thinking in Qual Masterclass
Wednesday, 5th –
  Thursday, 6th
AdvancedStatistical Methods Masterclass
Thursday, 6th –
  Thursday, 13th
WebinarWebinar – Webinar Season Ticket
Thursday, 6thSpecialismsWebinar – Introduction to Using Ethnography in Research
Webinar Season Ticket
Friday, 7thBusinessHappiness
Monday, 10thBusinessCoaching and Communication Skills for Senior Researchers
Tuesday, 11thIntermediateEffective Depth Interviewing
Wednesday, 12thIntermediateQuestionnaire Design
Thursday, 13thSpecialismsWebinar – How to improve Interviewing Techniques in Field-based Research
Webinar Season Ticket
Thursday, 13thSpecialismsSemiotics made Practical


Tuesday, 12thAdvancedInsight-driven Innovation
Wednesday, 13thBusinessCrafting and Designing Presentations
Thursday, 14thBusinessLeadership Skills
Friday, 15thIntroductoryData Privacy in Research
Tuesday, 19thIntroductoryNailing the Business Issues
Wednesday, 20thIntroductoryData Privacy in Research
Thursday, 21stSpecialismsEffective Advertising Evaluation
Tuesday, 26thBusinessGenerating Business through LinkedIn
Wednesday, 27thSpecialismsEconometric Modelling and ROI
Thursday, 28thSpecialismsEnhancing the Value of Clientside Research
Friday, 29thIntroductoryIntroduction to Moderating


Tuesday, 3rdIntermediateQuestionnaire Design
Wednesday, 4thSpecialismsCustomer Experience – Assessment and Improvement
Thursday, 5thSpecialismsConsumer Psychology
Friday, 6thBusinessBuilding Client Relationships
Monday, 9thBusinessPresentation Delivery Skills
Tuesday, 10th –
  Thursday, 12th
IntermediateEssentials of Qualitative Research
Tuesday, 10thMRS Scotland one-day training workshop
Data Storytelling – Making Insight Land
Friday, 13thSpecialismsData Science – A Practical Approach
Monday, 16thBusinessHow to Win New Clients
Tuesday, 17th –
  Thursday, 19th
IntermediateEssentials of Quantitative Research
Friday, 20thAdvancedSurvey Sampling and Related Techniques
Tuesday, 24thBusinessPresenting with Impact for Business Leaders
Monday, 30thIntroductoryIntroduction to Market Research
Tuesday, 31stAdvancedAdvanced Questionnaire Design


Wednesday, 1stBusinessDesign Training for Market Researchers
Wednesday, 1stAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 1
Thursday, 2ndBusinessCreative Writing for Researchers
Friday, 3rdSpecialismsNeuroeconomics – Exploring how the Brain Decides
Monday, 6thIntroductoryData Privacy in Research
Tuesday, 7thIntroductoryIntroduction to Qualitative Research
Wednesday, 8thIntroductoryIntroduction to Quantitative Research
Wednesday, 8thAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 2
Thursday, 9thBusinessOne Day MBA
Friday, 10thAdvancedAdvanced Thinking in Qual Masterclass
Monday, 13thBusinessFinding the Story in the Data - Identifying the Insight
Tuesday, 14thSpecialismsSocial Media in Market Research
Tuesday, 14thWebinarNeuroscience: Going deeper for deeper insights Part 1
Wednesday, 15thAdvancedUnlock the Story: Commercial Storytelling for Researchers (Day 1 of 2)
Wednesday, 15thAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 3
Wednesday, 15thWebinarNeuroscience: Going deeper for deeper insights Part 2
Wednesday, 15thAdvancedFacilitation 2 – Action Techniques
Thursday, 16thAdvancedConjoint Analysis Masterclass
Thursday, 16thWebinarNeuroscience: Going deeper for deeper insights Part 3
Friday, 17thAdvancedAdvanced Segmentation Masterclass
Monday, 20thSpecialismsIntroduction to Behavioural Economics
Tuesday, 21stAdvancedUnlock the Story: Commercial Storytelling for Researchers (Day 2 of 2)
Wednesday, 22nd –
  Thursday, 23rd
SpecialismsAdvanced Semiotics
Wednesday, 22ndAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 4
Friday, 24thSpecialismsInfographics and Data Visualisation
Friday, 24thAdvancedModerating Masterclass
Monday, 27thSpecialismsDeveloping CATI Interviewer Training
Tuesday, 28thSpecialismsA Practical Application of Behavioural Economics in Research – Understanding Consumer Behaviour
Wednesday, 29thIntermediateQualitative Analysis
Wednesday, 29thAdvancedAdvanced Qualitative Practice Module 5
Thursday, 30thIntermediateQuantitative Analysis


Monday, 4thAdvancedAdvanced Thinking in Quant Masterclass
Wednesday, 6thIntroductoryIntroduction to Statistics
Thursday, 7thSpecialismsOnline Panels and Communities
Monday, 11thBusinessNegotiation Strategy in Market Research
Tuesday, 12thIntermediateQuestionnaire Design



MRS Training has also partnered with the BHBIA (British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association) to provide access to their 2017 Training Programme – this is a special offer for MRS Members only.

The BHBIA training programme covers three areas with its face to face training programme:

  • Foundation Training – residential courses – including a 3-day ‘Introduction to Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence and Market Research’ course
  • One-day Workshops – practical workshops on specific topic areas, all with a healthcare focus
  • Ethics and Guidelines – one-day workshops exploring the legal and ethical issues that impact on healthcare market research

MRS members are invited to register for any of the 2017 training courses at the BHBIA member rates.

For details of all the training courses on offer visit:

You will need to sign up as a ‘Registered User’ in order to book online:

When booking, please enter the code MRS2017 in the comments/dietary requirements box on the booking form and then select the ‘I would like a quote’ or ‘I would like to be invoiced’ option when choosing a payment option. The BHBIA will apply the discount code and you will then be able to pay online by credit/debit card, or by BACS or cheque.