"We believe that a sector that provides insight and evidence about human behaviour and society should be representative of the world it serves. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where the only barriers to progress are personal choice and professional competence."

MRS has updated its Inclusion Pledge for CEOs to improve representation in research, as well as launching a pledge specifically aimed at independent consultants, developed in conjunction with the ICG, to encourage commitment to inclusive practices across the sector.

  • The refreshed pledge for businesses now covers the commitment to consider both visible and invisible disabilities in the sector’s places of work and to ensure that communications and systems are developed with the needs of these groups in mind.
  • Also added to the pledge is the need to actively consider inclusive research designs and methodologies in projects and to ensure transparent communication around samples, particularly for those seeking to be nationally representative.

Download the pledge for organisations

  • The MRS Inclusion Pledge for organisations (PDF) asks CEOs to make five commitments towards creating safer and more representative workplaces. The pledge includes: publishing pay statistics annually, working towards government targets for women and ethnic minorities at board level and improving recruitment practices


Download the pledge for independent consultants

  • The MRS Inclusion Pledge for Independent Consultants (PDF) aims to ensure that practices and systems among independent consultants – which make up a sizeable proportion of the market research sector – also support an inclusive environment.

  • The commitments within this pledge include working with research partners who practice pay parity and who have strong representations of women and marginalised communities at all levels of the organisation.  As with the company pledge, this will see consultants commit to design and conduct projects with representation in mind, including around designs, methodologies and transparent sampling.


+100 companies have signed the pledge so far

Links below go to company pages on the Research Buyer's Guide where buyers can see who has signed the pledge.


7thSense Research UK:
Fergus McVey
Sabine Cronick
Acumen Field Limited:
Abi Fuller/ Lydia Fuller

Ardent Fieldwork:
Karen Beardon/Viki Hallahan/Vipul Chokshi

Aspect in View Limited:
Abi Fuller/ Lydia Fuller
David Lewis
Axiom Translate:
Plamen Kuninski
B2B International Ltd:
Conor Wilcock
Rune Mortensen
Bayes Price:
Matt Gibbs/Nikki Leftly
BEAM Fieldwork:
Amy Middleton
Sam Albert
Bilendi & respondi:
Daniel Cunill
Blue Yonder:
Richard Heath
Simon Wood
Bethan Blakeley
Ben Shimshon
Martin Oxley
Cris Tarrant
C Space:
Kathryn Blanshard
Tom Buehlmann
Clearview Research:
Kenny Imafidon
Cobalt Sky:
Rebecca Cole
Cognisant Research:
Ian Nockolds/Paul Myers
Emma Davies / Hollie Davies
Crowd DNA:
Matilda Andersson and Andy Crysell
James (JT) Turner
Differentology-incl Differentology:
Lizzie Gilthorpe
Differentology-incl Dipsticks Research Ltd
Paul Wealleans
Discovery-incl Discovery Research:
Alan Hathaway
Djs-incl DJS Research:
Alasdair Gleed
Dynata-incl Dynata:
Gary Laben
Edelman-incl Echo Research:
Sandra Macleod
Edelman-incl Edelman Data & Intelligence:
Colin Deller, Toby Gunton
Empower-incl Empower Translate:
Ruth Partington
England-incl England Marketing:
Jan England
Firefish-incl FieldworkHub:
Caroline Bates
Firefish-incl Firefish:
Jem Fawcus
Flex-mr-incl FlexMR:
Paul Hudson
England-incl Full Colour Research:
Lydia Fuller
Gfk-incl GfK:
Warren Saunders
Glow-incl Glow UK Hub Ltd:
Neil Gupta
Hallandpartners-incl Hall & Partners:
Tim Wragg
Hannilius-incl Hannelius Recruitment:
Katariina Hannelius
Hannilius-incl Human8:
Kristof De Wulf, Els De Paepe
Iff-research-incl IFF Research:
Jan Shury
Ipsos-incl Ipsos:
Kelly Beaver
I-view-incl i-view London:
Bob Qureshi
Jigsaw-incl Jigsaw Research:
Ann Morgan/Jo McDonald
Kadence-incl Kadence:
Darren Lewis
Kantar-incl Kantar:
Amy Cashman
Kantar Profiles Network:
Caroline Frankum
Kantar Worldpanel:
Chris Morley
Kantar-incl Kantar Public:
Craig Watkins
Kantar-incl Kudos Research:
Chris Smith
Kantar-incl Kynetec:
Lorraine Matthews
Kirsty Fuller
Sam Curtis
LDA-incl Laurel Research Consulting Limited:
Lindell S Cumes MSc
Dr James Mullen
LDA-incl LDA Research:
Lucy Doorbar
Measure-incl Measure Protocol:
Owen Hanks
Measure-incl M·E·L Research:
Sky Curtis
Mesh-incl MESH:
Fiona Blades
Mis-incl MIS Group:
Romain Leray
Mtab-incl mTab:
Mark Langsfeld
Mmeye-incl MM-Eye:
Damien Field
Mtm-incl MTM:
Caroline Wren
Mtm-incl Mustard Research:
Anthony Shephard-Williams 
Ninth Seat:
Victoria Duckworth
Norstat-incl Norstat UK Ltd:
Jacob Lagerstedt/Paul Wealleans
Northstar-incl Northstar:
Matthew Sell
Northstar-incl Obsurvant:
Alex Morrison
Omnisis Omnisis Ltd:
Brian Cooper
Opinium-incl Opinium:
James Endersby
Onepoll-incl OnePoll:
Chris Pharo
Oxygen-incl Oxygen Brand Consulting:
Stephen Pickthall
Panelbase-incl PFA Research:
Robert Rush
Panelbase-incl Potentia Insight:
Suzy Hassan
Pplinsights-incl pplinsights:
Yvonne Taylor
Prs-vivo-incl PRS IN VIVO:
Nicole Duckworth
QRI-incl QRi Consulting:
Simon Patterson
Quadrangle-incl Quadrangle:
Ali Camps
Redc-incl RED C:
Charlotte Butterworth
Redc-incl Research Opinions Limited:
Abi Fuller/ Lydia Fuller
Ronin-incl Ronin:
Simon Glanville
Ronin-incl Sanctuary Graduates:
Tom Freeman
Savanta-incl Savanta Global:
Roger Perowne
Savanta UK:
Nick Baker
Savanta Americas:
Vin DeRobertis
Shift Insight:
Scott Lampon
Solutions-incl Solutions Research:
Michelle Lloyd & Emma Miller
Solutions-incl StreetLife UK:
Lindsay Kitchen
Solutions-incl Tapestry Research:
Ian Wright and Kevin Thompson 
Solutions-incl The Behavioural Architects:
Ben Jones
Thefuturelab-incl The Future Laboratory:
Chris Sanderson/Martin Raymond
Thenursery-incl The Nursery:
David Alterman
Thesurveryinit-incl The Survey Initiative:
Katherine Alexander
Youth-found-incl The Young Foundation:
Helen Goulden
Thegoodside-incl thisisthegoodside:
Saul Parker
Toluna-incl Toluna (parent company of Harris Interactive):
Frederic-Charles Petit
Verve-incl Verve:
Andrew Cooper
Walnut-incl Walnut Unlimited:
Jane Rudling
Walr-incl Walr:
Lewis Reeves
Watermelon-incl Watermelon:
Mark Squires
Yonder-incl Yonder:
Michael Simmonds
Yougov-incl YouGov:
Stephan Shakespeare
Youthsite-incl Youthsight:
Tatenda Musesengwa
Zappi-incl Wavehill:
Oliver Allies/Stuart Merali-Younger
Zappi-incl Zappi:
Steve Phillips


The following have signed the pledge for independent consultants:


ACE Market Reseach:
Amanda Claesens
BMB Holdings Ltd:
Mark Rogers
bob’s your uncle:
Matt Kirby
Caledonia Market Research:
Lynne Guthrie
Catalyst Research:
Cathy Riley

Collaborate Research:
Monique Rotik

Phil Gray
Danny Russell Consulting:
Danny Russell
Field Solutions Market Research:
Allison Samuel
Insight Engineers:
Jeffrey Deighton

Debbie Moorcroft

Qualitative Street Ltd (Qual Street):
Kathy Rhodes
Sharp Research Ltd:
Liz Montgomery
Shed-incl Shed Research Consulting:
Dan Young
 True Insights:
Kathryn Hall
 Untapped Innovation:
Sally Kemkers
 Vantage Point Research:
Liz Lipscomb
 Verian Group:
Craig Watkins
Winning Moves:
Debs Secker
 Yugen Research:
Alex Hodge


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